Island Culture

Kalani's culture is based on the Hawaiian core values of integrity and respect. In this section we invite you to learn more about the island life and Aloha spirit.

Lono_-_Island_CultureLono Dickson, co-founder of Kalani Packaging.
Born and raised on Maui, HI.

Haleakala Sunrise Reservations


Watching the sunrise from the top of Haleakala is the definition of majestic. Overlooking the volcanic crater high above the clouds, is truly breathtaking. As watching the sunrise has gotten more popular by the year, Haleakala National Park has had to institute a sunrise reservation program to help keep the local endangered flora and fauna safe from visitors. As the sun rises off the horizon line, well below your viewpoint, the black curtain of stars fades to various shades of pink, purple, orange, and red. The landscape changes from dark to light as the crisp morning air brushes across your face. Once the sun does come up, you have the rest of the day ahead of you to explore the park.

Make sure to bring your reservation and photo ID, or you'll be turned around at the ranger station. Gates to the summit and viewing areas open at 3am, and a reservation is needed until after 7am. Come prepared with warm clothes, the summit is 10,024 feet above the beach. Blankets, drinks and snacks are must haves, there is not food or drink for purchase inside the park. As with anywhere you are visiting, be respectful. The park is home to several endangered animals and plant species that shouldn't be disturbed. Native Hawaiians consider this sacred land.


If waking up early on your vacation isn't your cup of tea, the sunset is a great alternative for you. Feeling those very last rays of light to hit the island as the sun sets below your feet is something you won't soon forget. Bonus: sunset viewing does not require a reservation, and is often less crowded. If you're just not an outdoorsy sort of person...I would also recommend booking a quiet table for two at the Kula Lodge for about an hour before sunset. Enjoy a nice meal and a beverage, then sit back and watch the show. You will not be disappointed.

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