Kalani's culture is based on the Hawaiian core values of integrity and respect. In this section we invite you to learn more about the island life and Aloha spirit.


Lono Dickson
Co-founder of Kalani
Born & raised on Maui, HI

Kalaupapa National Historic Park


Kalaupapa Peninsula is where Saint Damien's 16 year mission to care for those affected by Hansen's Disease took place. Father Damien was sainted after his passing, but his name still has a large presence in the park.

Father Damien's Church - Built within the exiled region of Molokai.

Kalaupapa had a rough start, as home to thousands of exiled Hawaiians suffering from Hansen's Disease. This beautiful isolated park is only accessible by hike, mule, or small plane. The parks historical goal is to preserve the history and stories of those who lived out their lives here. Including Father Damien, and Mother Marianne Cope who selflessly dedicated their lives to caring for the ill. Once the peninsula was cured of the disease - those who survived and their descendants where given the option to remain in Kalaupapa is they chose.

Since then, the park has been a place for peace and learning. The almost 3 mile mule ride down into the park is both beautiful and record breaking. The sea cliffs are in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the tallest, at 3,600 - 3,900 feet tall.