Island Culture

Kalani's culture is based on the Hawaiian core values of integrity and respect. In this section we invite you to learn more about the island life and Aloha spirit.


Lono Dickson
Co-founder of Kalani
Born & raised on Maui, HI



Hula is a form of storytelling depicted in dance, accompanied by a chant (oli) or song (mele). The hand, foot, and hip motions of hula can be difficult to master, making hula an art. Hula is performed by both men and women. The two main styles of hula are Hula Auana and Hula Kahiko.


Hula Kahiko is best described as ancient hula as it was performed before western encounters with Hawaii. Hula Kahiko is usually paired with chanting and traditional instruments such as the guitar, ukulele or the double bass.

Hula Auana is the modern form of Hula. Hula is taught in schools or groups called halau, under the instruction of a kumu hula, or Hula Teacher.

Hawaiian Word of the Week:      Hui


                  Translation:  staff, group, team                          Pronunciation:   hoo-wee