Island Culture

Kalani's culture is based on the Hawaiian core values of integrity and respect. In this section we invite you to learn more about the island life and Aloha spirit.

Lono_-_Island_CultureLono Dickson
Co-founder of Kalani
Born & raised on Maui, HI

Lanikai Beach : Heavenly Sea



Lanikai Beach - rated one of the top beaches in the world - is located on the Windward coast of the island of Oahu in the city of Kailua. This beach is a wonderful destination for watching the sun rise or set behind the Mokulua Islands (see just off shore). These islands are home to Seabird Sanctuaries; a fun destination for experience kayakers.


The name Lanikai is translated to "heavenly sea". Lanikai is a famous destination for photo shoots, but it is also a popular destination for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. For the most adventurous type, Lanikai also offers perfect conditions for sailing or windsurfing. The off shore reef creates a calmer water space, but don't be fooled, the tides are strong and only truly experienced people should venture out beyond the reef.